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Six Flags Over Texas

Texas under Spain


Texas under France


Texas under Mexico


Republic of Texas


Texas in the

United States

1845-1861; 1865-Present

Texas in the Confederacy 1861-1865

The Story of Enrique Esparza,  San Antonio Express - Nov 22, 1902

The Story of San Antonio “The Canary Islanders”,  San Antonio Light - April 30, 1927

Town Rallies to Restore Church,  Express-News Border Bureau - Jan 15, 2005

Mission Valley of San Antonio River Cradled Many Texas Heroes,  San Antonio Express - May 21, 1933

Conquistadors to Rough Riders, San Antonio’s Military Roots Run Deep, Express-News

Forgotten Beanville,  San Antonio Express - Dec 31, 1933

Colonization Period Interesting on Frontier,  San Antonio Light - April 22, 1934

Early San Antonio Growth Met Many Hurdles,  San Antonio Express-News - Jul 19, 2004

Old Timers Recall La Villita Back 75 Years,  San Antonio Light, Dec. 31, 1939

Francisco Xavier Chaves “Interpreter of Indian Languages”,  San Antonio Express - Apr 3, 1932

Juan Antonio Chaves Remembers Early Days,  San Antonio Daily Express - Dec 15, 1907

Glamorous Were The Olden Days In The Governor’s Palace,  San Antonio Express - Aug 20, 1936

Old Military Plaza told by Juan Antonio Chaves,  San Antonio Express - Dec 22, 1907

"P. L. Buquor, Indian Fighter, Texas Ranger, Mayor of San Antonio" by Sylvia Villarreal Bisnar.

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